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Owner/Executive Producer/DJ

Vlad was born on the island of Haiti. From the very young age of 3, his love of music started to shine through. His mother recalls him dancing for hours in front of the radio until he fell asleep.

At age 5, he discovered the piano. Since then, he has been playing the keys, his preferred method of musical expression. Vlad also enjoys singing and playing a few chords on the guitar. Today, he lives on a farm in Rhode Island with his wife Mary, brother Rudolf and their herd of cows, goats, and chickens, all led by their pup Logan.

Vlad is a versatile producer and artist who can deliver a variety of music styles, with a Caribbean flair. If you're seeking an energetic producer who is passionate about music, look no further! 



Kyle aka DJ Phantom was born and raised in Fall River, MA. He has been a Professional DJ for a few years now and is also a singer/musician.

"My goal is to help your event become one to remember"




DJ Magik Vibes, also known as Junior, has been an avid music lover since the very young age of 11. Having learned to play the keyboard and the use of DAWs such as ProTools and Reason, DJ Magik Vibes flirted with music production for quite some time. He later withdrew from music only to be reunited with his true passion during the 2020 quarantine through a set of DJ decks. His motto “All The Feels” reflects the versatility of his mixes, which embody various cultural styles of music and rhythms from different parts of the world. Whether he is merging several beats together or just transitionally mixing individual tracks, his song selections, combined with his creativity, bring nothing but good and positive vibes to his audience!

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